Herbal teas with dried fruit, berries, and honey granules
Goal: To portray the contents in an unconventional way and make the product stand out from competitors (who mostly use photos in their packaging), while keeping the brand recognizable.
Solution: To build on the vibe of “fairy-tale tea drinking” that was established by the previous herbal tea line created by this brand a year prior. On the front side of the packages, eccentric teapots are brought to life. These are filled with illustrations of ingredients and specific, playful animals that help a consumer differentiate the flavors. The flanks feature complementary teacup illustrations, so when displayed on a store shelf they can form a tea set. The stripes and bees are preserved from other packages produced by the client, so consumers can easily recognize the brand.
Client: Honey House
Design / Art Direction: Maria Ponomareva
3D Visualisation: Pavel Gubin


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